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Doctor Smart offers a full range of opportunities from telehealth and telemedicine to tele-wellness and offline healthcare, from dietary support to patients recovery as well as opportunities to prolong life

Healthcare and improving the quality of life are basic needs of any person. Having said that, under the prevailing conditions of providing traditional healthcare services, actually receiving those services is getting more and more difficult for millions of people all over the world.

We believe that we should reassess the current system of interaction between client and specialist, insurance company, medical institutions, and pharmaceutical monoliths.

We have decided to create a new digital environment that allows the provision of an integrated healthcare and wellness services and which is genuinely accessible anytime, anywhere, and which gives the client back the right to 24/7 access to quality specialists from all over the world at a price comparable to the price of a couple of cups of coffee.

Artificial intellect and blockchain technology systems safeguarding health and wellness

The Doctor Smart platform uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies offering integrated solutions to safeguard healthcare and wellness and instant access to dedicated certified specialists from the world over at a reasonable price.


Consultations with specialist doctors in a variety of spheres


Nutrition care

Consultations with nutritionists


Sporting activities

Consultations with fitness trainers


Psychological health

Consultations with psychologists


General lifestyle


Prevention of illness and disease

Integration of wellness devices

Doctor Smart is a convenient and accessible digital service for healthcare and wellness.



Access to the specialist you need is less than 1 minute, 24/7, at weekends, from any point in the world. Consultation fee is half the price of an ordinary daytime visit



A compulsory system of certifying doctors and specialists and an innovative system of vetting and checking the quality of doctor recommendations



A transparent financial system and open access to specialist certification history


Integrated approach to health

A whole spectrum of services in prevention, recovery and support combined in one service

Doctor Smart is a technological platform based on artificial intellect and blockchain technology.


Certification of experts

Doctor Smart experts have to be vetted and certified before being entered into the system. Thanks to blockchain technology, experts certification data can't be forged and is available to all users.


Expert recommendation monitoring system

Our vetting algorithm helps ensure that expert recommendations meet international healthcare and wellness standards. Besides, highly qualified experts carry out additional random checking of recommendations.


Monitoring prescribed medicines

Our decision support system helps verify whether or not prescribed medicine complies with the stated diagnosis and the client’s Electronic Health Data. In addition, the technology enables us to detect interaction with other therapies.


Electronic Health Data

We have created unified Electronic Health Data platform using cryptographic encryption techniques. These Electronic Health Data provide data on client visit and expert recommendation history, as well as data from connected sports trackers and test results uploaded into the system.

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